What Are Sycamore Tree Facts?


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The most distinct feature of the sycamore tree is its camouflage-look bark, caused by the tree shedding its outer layers as it grows. Because the inner and outer bark grow at different rates, the bark sheds and reveals its inner white, green and tan bark beneath. With a rapid growth rate and expansive root system, a sycamore tree commonly grows to a height of 75 to 90 feet .

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The green leaves of the sycamore are large too, averaging 4 to 10 inches each. The tree produces small, fuzzy brown fruits. Living up to 100 years, the sycamore tree is most successful when planted in full sun. It can grow in a variety of soil types as long as the soil is well-drained.

Regular pruning, fertilizing and watering are needed to keep a sycamore tree growing well. Fertilize young trees to aid in root development and heighten the trees' stress tolerance, and fertilize older trees to give them the necessary nutrition to sustain health. Pruning is needed to maintain a strong center leader, remove dead wood and improve tree structure. Broken, diseased and dead branches must be removed to prevent the spread of disease. Powdery mildew, the sycamore lace bug and sycamore anthracnose are the most common diseases and pests that affect the sycamore tree.

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