What Are Some Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips?


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Homeowners who want a pristine swimming pool must skim the pool daily to remove any floating debris and leaves. They should also invest in a robot vacuum that can continuously clean the bottom of the pool. If they commit to skimming and vacuuming daily, homeowners only need to scrub the sides of the pool every other weekend.

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Homeowners should also shock their pool after hosting a pool party or other event if the water seems even slightly cloudy, since cloudiness is a sign of bacteria in the water. To shock the pool, homeowners should add three to five times the normal amount of chlorine into the pool to kill any living organisms. Over time, the excess chlorine cycles out, and the homeowner can replace the missing fluid with water. Shocking the pool often can damage the siding, so homeowners should limit this step to twice each season.

Oils from lotions and naturally occurring body oils may also float on the top of the pool's water, so homeowners should toss a few tennis balls into the water. The fibers on the tennis balls attract the oils; homeowners can launder them each week.

Swimming pool owners should also commit to cleaning the filter weekly or as often as the manufacturer recommends. Backwashing the filter once a month helps keep the pipes clear. Homeowners should avoid cleaning the filter more often because excessive cleaning can damage it.

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