How Are You Supposed to Care for a Ceramic Frying Pan?

Caring for a ceramic frying pan includes hand-washing the pan with soap and water before the first use and after every subsequent use. Proper ceramic frying pan care also includes cooking with butter or oil instead of cooking sprays.

To clean, gently wash the ceramic frying pan by hand using a small amount of simple dishwashing soap with warm water and a non-abrasive scrubbing sponge. Always thoroughly rinse and dry the pan before cooking and allow the pan to cool completely after cooking and before washing. Never apply cold water to a hot pan as it can cause the pan to warp. Never wash the pan in a dishwashing machine or use strong chemical cleaners.

When cooking, always preheat the pan slowly only up to the desired temperature; do not set the burner to high heat to rush the preheating process. Do not use aerosol cooking sprays as they contain various additives that break down and leave residue on the cooking surface that is difficult to clean. These residues can also result in food sticking to the pan by interfering with nonstick coatings. Always use butter or oil, allowing it to heat before adding food.

Never use metal utensils with the pan as they can damage the cooking surface; always use wood, plastic, ceramic or coated utensils instead.