How Do You Support Tomato Plants?


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Support tomato plants by using tomato stakes, tomato cages or wires attached to posts. One of the most effective supports are wooden or metal tomato stakes.

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How Do You Support Tomato Plants?
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When purchasing tomato stakes, make sure they are at least 6 feet in length. If you are using wooden stakes, make sure that they are at least 1 inch in width. Avoid stakes made from treated wood because of the chemicals they contain.

Starting when the tomato plants are still young, place the stake within 3 inches of the plant. Using cloth, gently tie the plant to the stake. As the plant grows, remove all the suckers except for the two lowest ones. Suckers cause the plant to grow in unwieldy ways. By removing the suckers, you increase the fruit yield of the other branches and keep the growth controlled.

If you use cages to support your tomato plants, purchase ones made of wire mesh. The gaps in the mesh need to be at least 6 inches wide so that you can easily access and harvest ripe tomatoes. Keep the plants pruned to prevent them from growing through and around the cages. Another method is to plant posts among the tomato plants and string wire between them. Once the plants start growing, tie them to the wire.

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