What Supplies Should You Purchase for a Do-It-Yourself Upholstery Project?


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Although the supplies needed for a do-it-yourself upholstery project can depend on the particular project type, some common materials and tools required for many jobs can include fabric, fabric scissor, staples and pneumatic staple gun, fabric glue, rubber mallet, hog ring pliers, screwdrivers, upholstery tacks and a hammer. Some projects, such as chair or sofa cushions, can also require the use of a sewing machine, thread and welt cord.

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In most cases, the exact supplies needed for these types of projects can vary. For example, some upholstery projects may involve using a staple remover or diagonal nipper for the removal of stapled old fabric, and other projects may require the use of a ripping chisel to remove tacks. Additionally, for projects that entail the replacement of jute webbing, a tool called a webbing stretcher is necessary to keep the webbing very tight.

Some other possible tools and supplies used for upholstery projects can also include a foam cutter, upholstery pins, nails, glue gun and a steamer to remove fabric wrinkles. Upholstery projects can use different types of stuffing materials, including foam and batting. For sofa pillows, pillow forms are useful supplies to buy.

Some projects, such as reupholstering a chair, can entail using black fabric for the underside of chair. Some specific materials or supplies for a chair reupholster project are tack strips, batting, pliers, staple gun, tacks and a sewing machine, notes Better Homes and Garden.

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