What Supplies Do You Need to Build a Secret Gun Safe in a Wall?


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Supplies needed to build a secure gun safe in a wall include drywall cutters, a stud finder, T-squares, hinges and pieces of wood. Other supplies needed are L-brackets, a pegboard and pegs, wood screws, a padlock hinge and drywall tape and mud.

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Find a central wall that is easy to access and located in a part of the house where most of your time is spent. Consider a space large enough so that a large painting can hang over the safe. Using the stud finder, measure the distance between two studs. Use a drywall saw or rotary blade to saw a hole between the studs exposing one stud on each side. Cut the hole to fit the height and depth of the firearm or firearms intended for storage.

Secure a 1-by-2 board into the bottom of the hole with L-shaped brackets and wood screws to prevent the firearm from slipping into the drywall. Place the pegboard between the studs at the back of the opening. Place pegs onto the pegboard that are long enough to hold a firearm and that are in a position that makes it easy to reach in and grab the firearm. Cover the exposed edges of the drywall with drywall tape and mud. If desired, add a wooden door to the studs using hinges and a padlock closure to completely secure the firearms.

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