Who Are Some Suppliers of Ready-Mix Concrete?

Some suppliers of ready-mix concrete include Harbor Ready-Mix and Cemex. Cemex has suppliers throughout the United States, while Harbor Ready-Mix is a California-based company. Both companies offer delivery.

Harbor Ready-Mix delivers to the San Francisco, Santa Clara and San Jose areas of California as of 2015. The company supplies ready-mix concrete for homes, businesses and contractor locations. They provide different colors of concrete in addition to the standard neutral color.

Cemex has an online tool that helps customers find the nearest location offering pick up or delivery. The company has 420 ready-mix plants and 100 aggregate quarries located around the United States.

Working with ready-mix concrete is relatively easy, and the number of bags to purchase depends on the scope of the project. To use, simply pour the ready mix into a large container such as a wheelbarrow, add water, and stir to mix well. The keys to getting the mixture to the right consistency for application are adding a measured amount of water and not using a hose. For the best results, mix the concrete for a few minutes using a garden hoe, and wait for it to achieve a good consistency. Add more water a little at a time to avoid a soupy mixture.

Soupy concrete is 50 percent weaker than properly mixed concrete and prone to cracking, so it's important to be patient when mixing. Wear protective gear such as a dust mask, goggles and heavy gloves while working with ready-mix concrete.