How Does a SuperVent Chimney Pipe Work?


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A SuperVent chimney works by insulating the hot gases that are expelled from the fire. This increases the draft power of the chimney, which in turn increases the heat and efficiency with which the fire in the stove or fireplace burns.

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Draft is caused by the exhaust gases from the fire rapidly rising up the chimney. In a chimney that does not have insulation, these gases cool off and slow down as they travel upward, which decreases the draft power of the chimney. This limits the fire's ability to pull in surrounding air, which in turn slows down the combustion process and causes the fire to burn more weakly.

In a SuperVent chimney, the exhaust gases are insulated by 1-inch premium fibre insulation. This insulation prevents the gases from losing their heat as they travel up the chimney pipe, which in turn maintains the SuperVent's drafting power. More drafting power means that the fire can pull in more surrounding air, thereby increasing the combustion process and allowing the fire to burn hotter and more efficiently.

The insulation on a SuperVent chimney also performs a safety function as well by keeping the outside of the chimney cool. This prevents building materials that are located around the SuperVent chimney from potentially being damaged by a hot chimney pipe and decreases the likelihood of spontaneous fires.

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