What Is Sunbrella Fabric?

What Is Sunbrella Fabric?

Sunbrella is a brand of outdoor fabric constructed of acrylic fibers and resistant to fading or sun damage. The fabric went onto the market in 1961 as an alternative to cotton as an awning material.

Sunbrella uses a pigmentation process that mixes the color before the extrusion process that turns the acrylic into the fibers that make the material. This helps the material resist fading in direct sunlight. The pigments used in Sunbrella fabric are UV-resistant.

The exterior fabric line resists mold and mildew when kept clean. The material can stand up to exterior elements year round, Sunbrella claims. Sunbrella fabric cleans with water and a mild soap. It is possible to scrub many stains off of the exterior fabric with soapy water.

The Sunbrella company manufactures the fabric but doesn't actually make the outdoor products. The fabric is available at many retail stores. The fabric is used to create awnings, umbrellas and outdoor furniture pillows and cushions that hold up well outdoors. Sunbrella fabric is also used for marine upholstery and sail covers, due to its durability.

In 2002, Sunbrella added a line of interior fabrics. The fabric is available for draperies and upholstery for indoor rooms. The fabric is designed with the same durability as the exterior fabric, with designs fit for indoor environments.