Which Sunbeam Heating Pad Has Been Recalled?


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As of 2015, no Sunbeam heating pad of any kind has ever been recalled, according to the Food and Drug Administration. However, there have been many complaints made by customers about Sunbeam heating pads not shutting off automatically or overheating, causing either users to suffer from burns or their possessions to be damaged.

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Although customers have been filing complaints against Sunbeam for years, claiming injuries and damages to property due to the company's reportedly faulty and dangerous heating pads, none of these complaints have ever led to any of the products actually being recalled.

Although many claims about the dangers of Sunbeam heating pads were reported to and documented by the FDA at the time they occurred, often the conclusion reached was that the injury or accident had happened because the user was using the device in the wrong way. For instance, a woman filed a complaint in March 2015 about leaning back in her recliner against her Sunbeam heating pad, when the heating pad caught on fire and damaged her chair. According to this report, since the woman admitted to lying on the heating pad in full violation of the product's instructions, it was deemed that this incident was not due to an issue with the product itself.

Despite these heating pads not being recalled, some customers have received compensation from either Sunbeam or a company that sells Sunbeam products after a bad experience, as in the case of 65-year-old Evelyn Bowen from Nevada. After her Sunbeam heating pad set her on fire when she fell asleep on it in 2012, she received a $200,000 settlement from Walgreens, the store that had sold her the pad, as reported by the National Trial Lawyers.

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