What Are Some Sun-Loving Hostas?


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The types of sun-loving hosta include Francee, Patriot, Minuteman, Gold Standard, Sundance, Regal Splendor, Inniswood, Squash Casserole, Gold Regal, Honeybells, August Moon, Sum and Substance, Fragrant Bouquet and Fried Green Tomatoes. Although most gardeners consider them shade-loving perennials, fragrant varieties, such as Plantaginea, need sun exposure to develop their flowers and keep their vibrant color.

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Blue hosta varieties such as Rlegans, Blue Angel, Krossa Regal and Halcyon can tolerate more sun exposure than other blue varieties, though they should not be left in full sun conditions regularly. In general, gardeners need to practice trial and error when planting hostas in spots with full sun exposure. Plants with thicker leaves have an increased tolerance to the sun, so hostas with thin, more delicate leaves should stay in areas with partial shade to avoid scorching. Even sun-loving hostas do not do well when they bake in the sun all day long.

Keeping hostas evenly moist is critical to prevent them from wilting under the intensity of the sun. This is especially important for gardeners living in hot, dry climates. Hosta foliage should be checked regularly for signs of sunburn. Hostas that have dulled leaves, faded spots or brown tips and edges should be moved to a shadier spot.

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