What Is a Sump Pump Backup System?


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A backup sump pump system protects a basement against flooding, should a power outage occur or the main sump pump fails. As more and more families turn their basements into family or game rooms, sump pump backup systems become more popular and necessary.

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Many things can go wrong with the primary sump pump system in a home. Power outages, a clogged main pump or a failing or stuck float switch may cause the sump pump to back up, creating flooding. A backup sump pump helps to eliminate these and other problems.

There are many types of backup sump pump systems to choose from, but when shopping for a good system, make sure it is completely redundant. This means it runs well on its own and contains the same parts as the primary pump. Be sure the backup pump has a float switch and a secondary power source so it runs when needed.

Installing a second sump pump should be part of a basement's waterproofing. Drain tile will help direct rainwater toward the pump and the landscape should grade away toward a storm sewer. Always install a waterproof barrier around the foundation of the home and keep rain gutters and downspouts free of dirt and debris. Following these steps and installing a backup sump pump will keep the foundation free from water damage and help prevent costly repairs.

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