What Are Some Suggestions for Using Decorative Concrete Molds?


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Use decorative concrete molds with fern leaves to make playful stepping stones, or use them with concrete dye to make concrete pavers that resemble real bricks. Plastic tubs, old pans, cardboard boxes and paver forms are all suitable as decorative concrete molds.

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To make stepping stones with a fern pattern, first decide on what you want to use as a mold. Spray the inside of the mold with non-stick cooking spray, and then mix concrete according to the package directions. Fill the mold up to the 1-inch mark with wet concrete. Use chicken wire in the middle of the mold to help reinforce the stepping stone. Add another inch of concrete, and smooth the top.

Spray the back of a fern leaf with non-stick cooking spray, and then gently press the fern into the wet concrete. Weight the leaves down with small stones, and leave the concrete to dry, wrapped in a plastic bag or sheet. When dry, remove the rocks and fern leaves.

To make decorative pavers out of concrete that look like real red bricks, add brick-red concrete dye to the concrete when mixing, and pour it into 2-foot by 2-foot paver form concrete molds. For every bag of concrete, use 5 ounces of concrete dye and 3 quarts of water. Choose paver forms with patterns such as basketweave for added texture.

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