How Is a Suds-Saver Washing Machine More Efficient Than a Normal Washing Machine?


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While a standard washer drains soapy water used in a wash cycle before starting the rinse cycle, a washer with a suds-saver feature retains the suds and reuses them for the next batch of clothing. This action conserves water and detergent and makes washing clothes more environmentally friendly.

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Although a suds-saver washer still drains out water from the rinse cycle, the suds are retained in a nearby wash bin and reused for each consecutive load of laundry until the user sees fit to drain the soapy water and begin anew. This feature is incorporated into certain washer models. To install the washer, users must first purchase a wash tub and a wash drain from a hardware store, appliance store or garden shop. The wash tub should have a faucet and drain hook-up and should stand approximately 3 feet off the ground.

Users should place the wash tub near the washer before hooking the machine to the hot- and cold-water valves. Place the drain hose into the washer drain and the suds saver hose over the edge of the wash tub so the end of the hose sits near the bottom. Then, simply operate the washer normally to take advantage of the suds-saver feature.

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