What Is a Subzero Refrigerator?

What Is a Subzero Refrigerator?

A subzero refrigerator is an expensive, luxury refrigerator that lasts up to 20 years, while a standard refrigerator only lasts up to 10 years. This appliance offers camouflaged design, internal system advantages and high-quality construction. Subzero refrigerators have two compressors, patented air-filtration systems, tighter sealed doors and microprocessor control systems.

One of the compressors on a subzero refrigerator is used for freezing, and the other is used for refrigeration. Using two compressors puts less stress on one compressor, which helps extend the life of the appliance. The use of separate compressors also improves food quality as a result of the ability to apply separate settings for different food items.

The patented air-filtration system removes bacteria, viruses and mold from the interior of the appliance, which helps reduce odor. The patented filtration system also removes ethylene gas from the air, which slows down spoilage of fruits and vegetables.

The useful microprocessor control system can adjust to different climates. This helps monitor and schedule the freezer section and the refrigerator sections to keeps foods at an appropriate temperature.

The camouflaged design offers a modern look to the kitchen, and the built-in design seems to blend effortlessly into the cabinetry. Unlike traditional refrigerators that appear to be a functional piece of kitchen equipment, subzero refrigerators create an attractive and seamless appearance.