What Substitutes Can Be Used for Kitchen Twine?

To substitute kitchen twine in a recipe, use unwaxed dental floss to truss a chicken or a turkey. Cotton thread made of 100 percent cotton can also be used, as it does not melt like synthetic materials in the oven.

Keep a container of unwaxed dental floss in the kitchen for those times when you run out of kitchen twine. Use floss to truss a chicken or turkey by wrapping the floss around the body of the bird and tying it off at the ankle. Never use waxed or flavored floss when cooking with it. Wax melts in the oven and flavored floss may ruin the flavor of your meal.

Wrap the floss around roasts, just as you would kitchen twine, to keep the meat moist in the center when it cooks. Slice the meat carefully, allowing it to rest at least 10 minutes after cooking; then remove the floss before serving.

Thread made of 100 percent cotton can also be used in place of kitchen twine in recipes. Because it is a natural fiber, it does not melt. Never use threads containing synthetic materials, such as 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester blends. These ruin the meal when used because they melt onto the meat.