How Do You Submit Complaints for Simonton Windows?


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Customers who wish to lodge a complaint with Simonton Windows can visit its website, click the support button at the top, and select the Contact Us link. Individuals can submit a complaint using its online comment form or call the company's customer service number at 800-746-6686.

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Simonton Windows products are promoted as being maintenance-free, but issues such as window condensation and air infiltration can cause concern for homeowners. Window condensation can build up under certain environmental conditions, causing windows to appear to be sweating. Condensation isn't caused by the vinyl windows, but is the result of humidity that turns normally invisible water vapors into a visible liquid dew. Condensation is most likely to occur when humidity levels inside the home reach a certain point, especially during cold winter months.

Air is likely to seep into windows and doors, regardless of where they are located, or whether it's a new or older home. Simonton Windows explains that all homes need to breathe, and air sometimes enters the home after being pushed by normal air flow pressure, which fluctuates depending on wind conditions. Simonton Windows provides customers with a window installation diagnostics guide to ensure proper installation. The best way to minimize air infiltration is to install windows correctly and create a tight seal using weather stripping products.

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