How Do You Submit a Calphalon Cookware Review?

Submit a Calphalon cookware review by locating the product you plan to review on the Calphalon cookware website, clicking Write a Review, filling in the relevant information and clicking Post Review at the bottom of the pop-up review frame. You must also agree to Calphalon’s terms and conditions for posting reviews as part of the submission process.

Calphalon’s website allows anyone to post reviews of its cookware and other product lines. A selection of categories simplifies finding the product you wish to review, and users can also search by product name or number to find the right piece of cookware. The review form opens as a pop-up frame when you click on Write a Review, and this frame requests information including a star-based review rating, review title, full written review, username and valid email address.

Optional fields on the review include star ratings for appearance, design, performance and overall quality. Users may choose to enter their location, age and gender as part of the review process, and answer whether or not they’d recommend the product or Calphalon cookware in general to a friend. Leaving a review on the website requires agreement to receive emails from Calphalon. Owners of Calphalon products may also submit reviews to other online retailers using similar processes.