What Is Sub Zero 650 Troubleshooting?


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Troubleshooting for the Sub-Zero model 650 refrigerator attempts to solve problems a consumer might have with the appliance. A website such as the Repair Clinic offers solutions for a dozen common problems experienced by the Sub-Zero 650.

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Common Sub-Zero 650 problems are generally given multiple solutions the Repair Clinic website. Each solution entails an explanation of the affected subsystem as well as where to buy parts that may need to be replaced to make repairs.

In one example, when a Sub-Zero 650 refrigerator doesn't get sufficiently cold despite manipulating the controls, Repair Clinic offers seven issues that could be the source of the problem. These include dirty condenser coils, a failed evaporator motor, a defective condenser motor, a malfunctioning start relay, a defective thermistor and a malfunctioning main control board. The troubleshooting guide often indicates how common or uncommon it is for a particular part to fail as well as where on the unit the part is located.

Additionally, the Repair Clinic website offers general refrigerator maintenance tips to prevent common problems from arising. These include suggestions to clean the condenser coils, door gaskets and interior, defrost any ice build-up, deodorize the unit with a refrigerator-specific product and replace the ice-making and water dispensing filters. A Frequently Asked Questions section provides answers to specific questions regarding use, maintenance and storage.

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