What Are Some Styles of Tubing Connectors?

What Are Some Styles of Tubing Connectors?

Types of tubing connectors include hose barb terminations, pipe thread terminations, John Guest fittings, polytube fittings and soft tube fittings. Barbed fitting terminations are usually installed permanently on PVC, polyurethane, silicone and other tubing. Sometimes, it may be possible to remove these connectors from tubes. The connectors hold on the inside of pipes, so knowing the inside diameter of a pipe is crucial when picking out a hose barb connector.

Pipe thread connectors are suitable for a large number of standard pipe thread connections. Users place them onto the pipes and add pipe dope or special sealants for adhesion. These connectors also tighten on the pipes themselves.

John Guest fittings are attached to the outside of semi-rigid and metal tubes using o-ring seals. In addition, there are internal retainers that provide additional security to the connection. These connections are suitable in situations when users need to connect and disconnect the tubes quickly. It is crucial to choose the size of the fitting correctly and use tubes with smooth surfaces.

Polytube fittings are suitable for semi-rigid tubes, such as polyethylene, nylon and polyurethane. It is also possible to use them to connect flexible tubes if the diameters fit.

Soft tube fittings are useful when it is necessary to disconnect the tubes fast and easy. Plumbers use them primarily for flexible tubes.