What Are Some Styles of Sun Screens for Windows?

What Are Some Styles of Sun Screens for Windows?

Sunscreens for windows are available in a variety of colors and densities to provide the desired amount of heat blockage and visibility. Homeowners choose solar screens depending on energy savings, how well they can see out of the windows and sometimes color.

Sunscreens that offer 90 percent blockage of the sun's rays offer the most energy savings and are often preferred in very warm climates. They cut down on glare and provide privacy during the day. The downside of these screens is that they may limit the view out of the windows, especially when viewed from an angle.

Sunscreens that block 80 percent of the sun's rays are the preferred choice in most climates. They offer energy savings, allow natural light in and provide more visibility through the windows. These screens also block UV rays that can damage window coverings, furniture and flooring.

Window sunscreens are available in a variety of neutral colors. Although the color doesn't offer much measurable difference in the amount of energy savings, it does provide a noticeable difference in visibility. Darker colors typically provide better visibility than lighter ones.

Homeowners can install window sunscreens that can be used seasonally. Many styles are designed to be easily removed and reinstalled when summer comes. Some styles are retractable so that the screens can be put in place only during the heat of the day.