What Are Some Styles of Succulent Garden Containers?


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Simple pots, small dishes, trays, and troughs made from stone, terracotta, concrete or hypertufa are suitable for growing succulents. Gardeners also use urns, hanging baskets, barrels and bowls on pedestals to grow succulents. Succulents can also be left in their nursery pots and arranged in boxes. Trays and pots are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and depths and can be arranged in a variety of displays. Gardeners can also experiment with different colors and solar illuminated pots.

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Livestock troughs are popular containers for gardening but can be costly and difficult to find. Hypertufa is an artificial stone that is usually lighter than natural stone or cement, and it offers a similar appearance to vintage troughs. Gardeners can make their own hypertufa containers from mixing peat moss, perlite, Portland cement and reinforcing fibers into a pasty substance, forming it into the desired shape and letting it set.

Unlike cacti, succulents need constant moisture but grow well in hot sun and poor soil. Gardeners in cooler climates should provide extra warmth for their containers or bring them indoors during the winter. Covers and cones insulating air inside keep out cold and block winds. Doubled dishes provide extra drainage for the succulents.

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