What Are Some Styles of Storage Drawers?


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Styles of storage drawers include corner drawers, glass-fronted drawers, spice drawers and small plastic drawers. Corner drawers save a person much physical labor when she needs to find something that is usually stored in a corner cabinet.

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Glass-fronted drawers allow a person to see what is within them instantly. Many glass-fronted drawers store dry foods such as beans and rice and are made to always look somewhat full. Small plastic drawers in metal cabinets are excellent for storing notions and small pieces of hardware such as nails or screws.

Drawers can be made out of old vegetable crates. Spice drawers have slant inserts that hold bottles and jars, and pull-out pantries have narrow drawers that are wide enough for one item and long enough to store several. A deep drawer can be used for pots or can be fitted with an insert that divides it.

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