What Are Some Styles of Spoon Rests?


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Spoon rests come in flat, upright and double spoon styles. Flattened glass bottles, leaf-shaped metal designs, molded rubber splats and silicone mats are among flat styles. Spoon rests that hold the spoon vertically include sleek styles, such as a dish-like base set in a formed wire holder that serves to keep the spoon handle upright, and classic ones, such as a shallow ceramic dish set in a sculpted aluminum back rest.

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Mini cast-iron skillets and plain one-color or fancifully shaped and decorated ceramic styles are other flat-style spoon rests. Double-spoon rest styles include ceramic flat-style ice cream cones, each scoop holding a spoon with handles resting on the cones and owl-shapes with two large eyes, each eye holding one spoon bowl. A clever vertical design has a small gondola-shaped base, holding the bowl of the spoon, with the gondolier on top, arms outstretched, to hold the spoon's handle. Unique styles also include spoon rests shaped like spatulas, Adirondack chairs and birds' nests.

The basic spoon design lends itself to numerous possibilities, such as adding the words or phrases, using bright vibrant colors or whimsical designs. Painted or sculpted designs options vary from a cross-section of an apple to flowers, trees and geometric patterns. Saucers, small plates and shallow bowls are the most basic style of spoon rest.

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