What Are Some Styles of Pool Decks for Above Ground Pools?

What Are Some Styles of Pool Decks for Above Ground Pools?

Side platforms, circular decks and tiered decks are the most common styles for above-ground pools. In some regions, deck styles may be limited by local building codes.

A standard above-ground pool deck features steps, a safety fence and a platform on a foundation.

Side decks feature steps that lead to a platform, which can vary in size. Side platform decks do not surround the pool, but safety fencing is typically included in the cost of a professionally installed side deck. Round decks surround the diameter of the pool and can be customized with platforms, cooking areas and other features.

Tiered decks begin at ground level and gradually increase in height at each step. Tiered decks are typically square and surround the diameter of the pool, but can be customized to include a platform for additional features. The platform can be placed on any side of the pool.

All types of decks can be customized in size and can feature additions such as outdoor kitchens. Customized decks can be built using the appropriate materials, such as pressure-treated lumber or composite wood. Customized decks are designed to include space for the specific features desired by the homeowner. For example, a customized deck may include steps, a platform that surrounds the pool, and a large side platform area for an outdoor table. Fencing is typically required in most regions where a building code is applicable.