What Are Some Styles of Outdoor Showers for a Backyard Pool?

What Are Some Styles of Outdoor Showers for a Backyard Pool?

Some styles for outdoor showers for a backyard pool include the portable and stationary styles. Portable outdoor showers can be pedestal, single or double-hose type, whereas the stationary showers are normally wall mounted.

Portable outdoor showers come with a drainage platform and are quite inexpensive. The single-hose type showers are connected to a flexible hose that acts as an outlet for cold water. These showers can be moved around, depending on the length of the hose.

Tower style outdoor showers usually have double hoses that provide cold and hot water using an outdoor plumbing as the source. Pedestal style showers work with underground plumbing or with a hose.

Stationary outdoor showers come with an enclosure that affords greater privacy, are connected to an outdoor plumbing line and to the plumbing system of the home and have a drainage system. Enclosures of the stationary showers are made of wood or tiles, and their plumbing is normally hidden behind the wall. Such showers come with storage accessories and space, and may feature an attached changing area.

The outdoor showers can feature wood or rock floors with mats made from teak and contain hand-held, fixed, rain-style or several sprayer-type shower heads. Shower fixtures made of stainless steel are preferred as the material is resistant to rust and is easy to maintain.