What Are Some Styles of Mohawk Area Rugs Available for Purchase?

What Are Some Styles of Mohawk Area Rugs Available for Purchase?

Styles of Mohawk area rugs available for purchase include floral, contemporary, classic, novelty and solid styles. Each style is available in various colors, sizes, constructions and fibers. Mohawk offers area rugs for every room of the home, including utility areas and basements.

Specific designs in Mohawk's floral style include Afton Antique, Felicia, Alcott Brown, Breezy Botanicals and Power Flower. Each design consists of a particular color palette and theme. Some floral styles include a mixture of leaves and flowers, while others feature solid flowers, foliage or plant designs.

Contemporary styles of Mohawk area rugs offer designs involving shapes, patterns and abstract art. Some contemporary styles include Aztec Patch, Multi Bangles, Camden Grid and Elegant Lattice.

As of 2015, solid-color Mohawk area rugs remain one of the most popular styles. Color schemes available for solid styles include yellows, browns, greens, blues and pinks.

Mohawk rugs are available in typical square and rectangular shapes, as well as runners, round rugs and semi-circular rugs for resting against doors or walls. Backings on Mohawk area rugs consist of heat-transfer recycled rubber for non-slip grip on smooth surfaces.

Mohawk's products are knitted, tufted and woven by machines for guaranteed consistency. They are also personally inspected by professional tapestry handlers before being shipped for sale.