What Are Some Styles of Metal Mart Steel Buildings?


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Metal Mart produces a basic line of easy-bolt, pre-fabricated single-bay buildings and a heavy-duty line of easy-bolt, pre-fabricated multiple-bay buildings. The buildings have short lead times between placing an order and delivery time. Metal Mart pre-fabricated steel buildings feature clearly marked components and drawings of foundations, anchor bolts and various stages of the erection process. Building components have clips welded in place and require no additional welding.

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All Metal Mart building designs comply with local building ordinances. The single-bay basic building line includes a 24-by-24-by-9-foot garage with two 9-by-7-foot framed openings in the end wall, a 24-by-30-by-10-foot workshop with a 10-by-10-foot framed opening in the end wall, a 30-by-30-by-12-foot toolshed and a 40-by-30-by-12-foot storage center, each with a 10-by-10-foot framed opening at the end wall.

The heavy-duty multiple-bay building line includes a 24-by-30-by-10-foot heavy-duty workshop with a 10-by-8-foot framed opening, a 30-by-40-by-12-foot heavy-duty storage center and a 40-by-50-by-12-foot extra-large heavy-duty storage center, each with 10-by-10-foot framed openings at the end walls. The heavy-duty line also includes a 50-by-100-by-14-foot heavy-duty giant building with two 12-by-12-foot framed openings in the end walls, and this line is available in other lengths, widths and heights.

Metal Mart also offers carports and cool, energy-efficient and standing-seam roof applications for residential and commercial buildings as well as doors, liners, replacement panels, and tools and accessories.

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