What Are Some Styles of Large Shadow Boxes?


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Large shadow boxes come in open face styles, with glass doors and with shelves. The open-face style works well with items that don't require special handling or where there are no security issues. Wood-framed boxes are some of the most common, with depths of up to 4 inches. When combined with a cork board backing, these open-face boxes are often used to display memos and other information.

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Large shadow boxes also come with glass doors that swing out for easy access. They protect objects from dust and keep them secure. Some come with lights and with fabric or cork board backings, and they are often used to showcase items such as sports jerseys and artwork. These cork-boarded boxes also make good message information centers because they limit access to "official posters."

The shelved shadow boxes are perfect for collections of any type. Wood and metal frames are often used, while the shelves are usually clear glass or Plexiglas. The clear shelves provide a better all-round view of a collection, especially in a lighted shadow box. Shelved shadow boxes may be open face or have a glass door. Some of the extra-large shadow boxes that measure up to 8 inches deep are especially suited for shelving.

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