What Are Some Styles of Frameless Shower Doors?


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Some styles of frameless shower doors include pivot doors and sliding doors. Pivot doors are also known as swinging or hinge doors because they swing open like a normal door. Sliding doors slide open smoothly and quietly, and are commonly used with a bath or a large shower.

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In addition to the mechanism by which a frameless door operates, a homeowner should also consider other stylistic and aesthetic aspects, such as the type of glass or material and the thickness of the material that goes into the door. Glass should be thick and strong, but not thicker or stronger than the configuration can support. The average minimum thickness for frameless glass enclosures is 3/8 inch, while 1/2 inch is very durable and has a high rating for structural integrity.

Some glass styles that have color tints or patterns may come in only one thickness, depending on the retailer. Most stylized glass is 3/8-inch thick. Some glass tints include bronze, clear, rain and low iron. Low iron and clear glass are the most transparent of the four, while rain glass has a wavy pattern that makes it more opaque, and bronze glass has a dark bronze tint while still being transparent.

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