What Are the Styles of Feather River Entry Doors?

What Are the Styles of Feather River Entry Doors?

Feather River sells a wide variety of finished, ready-to-paint fiberglass entry doors featuring different frosted glass panel sizes and designs, as well as optional side panels with glass inserts. As of 2015, Feather River offers three entry door collections: Rochester, Mission Pointe and Sapphire.

Entry door glass panels are available in oval, arch, square and rectangle shapes. Some panels take up most of the door, while others take up only a small space at the top of the door. All doors come with the option to include one or two side panels with rectangular glass inserts.

Rochester Collection doors have glass with black line designs of arches and right angles. The glass designs contain concentrated areas of small stripes contrasted with wide open spaces.

Mission Pointe Collection doors have many diamond shapes in the glass designs. To complement the line designs, some of the glass has a dark tint, especially on the edges and in the center.

Sapphire Collection doors have oval sapphire shapes in the middle of the glass panels. The glass on the outer edges of the panels has a dark tint. Symmetrical horizontal lines frame the sapphires, along with vertical lines that intersect the middle of the sapphires.