What Are Some Styles of Cellar Doors?


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Styles of cellar doors include wine cellar classic doors, wine cellar wrought iron doors, Fontenay wine barrel doors, custom cellar doors and diamond plate doors. Additional styles include window well cover doors and basement egress systems, as well as highly stylized wood and iron doors and gates.

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Providers of cellar doors include Steelway Cellar Doors, Vintage Cellars and Wine Cellar Innovations. Steelway Cellar Doors sells custom cellar doors, diamond plate doors, window well cover doors and basement egress systems. Custom cellar doors include angled, flat, corner, along-side and angle on angle styles. The website provides free quotes on different door styles. Diamond plate cellar doors can function as sidewalk doors, and basement egress systems can serve as entryways into basements.

Vintage Cellars offers wine cellar classic doors, wine cellar wrought iron doors and Fontenay wine barrel doors. Styles of classic doors include those with grapevine etchings, cherub etchings, top vine designs and door grilles. Fontenay wine barrel doors include wine barrel stave doors and wine barrel infusion door.

Wine Cellar Innovations sells intricately designed doors and gates, including those with glass panel doors and windows that come with etching and painting customization features, as well as custom-built wood wine cellar doors.

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