What Styles of Ceiling Medallions Are Available?


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Common ceiling medallion patterns include renaissance, egg and dart, Jefferson, Rochelle and Chelsea styles. Most manufacturers make dozens of ceiling medallions that incorporate historic patterns, curves and floral motifs to complement traditional decors. Designers often create medallions that complement common crown molding styles to create cohesive interior design options.

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Traditionally ceiling medallions are plaster, but modern manufacturers typically use polymer plastic to make lightweight medallions that are easy to install. Most ceiling medallions are white and look like plaster. However, some are wood, copper, stainless steel or brass. Some medallion manufacturers incorporate mirrors into the final design or use a faux wood or metal finish.

Ceiling medallions may have a hole in the center of the piece to accommodate a light fixture. Homeowners can drill the center out of a solid medallion if necessary. Some manufacturers sell ceiling medallions that are split into two halves. People use these medallions to go around the base of a ceiling light fixture that is impractical to move.

When purchasing a medallion, homeowners should consider size before style. Rooms that are 140 square feet or less should have a medallion with a diameter that is 20 inches or less. A room that is 140 to 210 square feet requires a medallion that is 20 to 30 inches wide, while a room that is 210 to 280 square feet needs a medallion with a 30- to 40-inch diameter. For rooms that are larger than 280 square feet, a medallion should be at least 40 inches in diameter.

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