What Are Some Styles of Antique Torchiere Floor Lamps?


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Styles of antique torchiere floor lamps include Victorian, Art Deco and Tiffany. Torchieres are tall lamps, often sold in pairs to frame an entryway or complement a fireplace mantle. A French invention, they were originally made of wood or metal and held one candle at the top of the stand. Most antique models, as well as reproductions, now use fluorescent or halogen light bulbs.

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Furnishings in the Victorian age were elaborately carved and lavishly decorated. Lampshades often had beading and lace dripping from top to bottom. Torchieres were similarly decorated, often with scroll work on the metal lamp posts and embroidery and different textured material on the shade. Beads often decorated the rim of the shade. Other Victorian torchieres looked more like candelabras on long posts, with several smaller lights crowning the sculptured metal.

The Art Deco period did away with the beads and lace and instead ushered in an opulence of a different sort. It was just as common to have sculptured torchieres graced by nude or near-nude figures holding a sculptured shade as it was to have clean-lined lamp posts crowned by a simple overturned lamp shade. Alabaster was sometimes used for shades.

Tiffany torchieres are among the most prized. The metal stands were sculptured, but not overly so. The lamp shades are what draws the attention. Made of different colors of cut class put together like stained glass windows, they display an array of colors when lit.

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