What Are Some Styles of Antique Electric Lamps?


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Some styles of antique electric lamps include Art Deco, Tiffany and Victorian. The Art Deco movement combined art and function, producing some of the most opulent electric lamps. One example is an Art Deco jewelry display counter lamp, with four dancers on the pedestal, surrounding the lamp switch. The lamp is made up of geometrically shaped pieces of glass. Electric sconces were also in use. Some were as fancy as chandeliers, only they hung on the side of a wall.

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Lamps made by Louis Comfort Tiffany are not only valuable, but are often on display in museums. In 2006, the Pain Art Center and Gardens in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, presented one of the largest displays ever seen outside of New York City. The exhibit included the Poppy Table Lamp, its cut glass and leaded metal shade filled with red poppies on a green background. The Mandarin Table Lamp was shaped like a Chinese hat and made up of tiny bits of green and yellow glass. Tiffany is known for his mosaic-like shades and artistic lamp bases.

The Victorian era was all about beads, lace and satiny fabrics. Electric lamps, either those hanging from the ceiling or gracing a table top, were typically covered with elaborate lampshades. Many shades were hand embroidered or beaded, often with dangles of beads hanging down the sides. Switching from gas to electric lamps allowed the Victorians to create more elaborate designs, since all the beads and bangles were less likely to catch fire. Some of the lamp bases were equally fancy, featuring enameled floral designs or even more beads.

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