How Do You Know What Style of Refrigerator to Buy?

How Do You Know What Style of Refrigerator to Buy?

Considerations for buying a refrigerator include size and capacity, organization features, general features and the desired type of refrigerator. CNET Magazine recommends starting by considering the refrigeration needs and space limitations.

The first consideration is space as the refrigerator must fit in a specific place. Consumers should measure their space carefully, allowing space for the door to open. Better Homes and Gardens suggests adding a few inches to the height and depth to allow for air circulation. The next consideration is capacity. Some refrigerators offer more general-use space, while others feature specialized organization. Likewise, consumers should consider if they tend to buy a lot of frozen goods, requiring more freezer space, or produce, which may require a crisper.

Different refrigerators feature specialized organization features. Most models offer adjustable glass shelves. However, some even have shelves that can flip vertically for storage of oversized containers. Pantry and humidity control drawers are other options.

Some general refrigerator features include energy-saving models, ice makers, a programmable control pad and air filtration. Ice makers require hooking up to a water source. A programmable control pad allows users to set refrigerator controls. An air filtration system features a built-in carbon filter for fresh air.

Typical refrigerator models include top or bottom freezers and side-by-side models. Some newer varieties include door-in-door, French door and 4-door French door.