What Are Some Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas?


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One studio apartment decorating idea that HGTV recommends is using neutral colors on the walls and neutral colored curtains to make the space appear much larger. The furniture in the apartment should be arranged so that each living area is separate. They also recommend using ghost furniture to prevent the space from appearing crowded.

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Another decorating idea that HGTV suggests is utilizing every inch of available space without making the room seem overly cluttered. Use neutral paint and bedding to keep the space balanced, or use a vibrant color to create a focal wall. Using warm colors like orange and taupe can make the space feel cozy and warm without making it appear dark.

The space can also be separated by using different textures in different areas. Using long drapes also works as a room divider to separate the seating or dining area from the bedroom area. Spaces can also be separated by using cubical bookshelves which also act as extra storage. The height of the bookshelves gives the bedroom privacy from the rest of the space. Furnishings can be downsized to maximize the available space. Instead of buying a full-size sectional sofa, buy a loveseat. HGTV also suggests keeping furniture to a minimum if the space is extra small, in addition to using smaller light fixtures.

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