How Do You Stucco a House?


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To apply stucco to a house, check the walls, apply two scratch coats, and finish with a top coat. For an option that does not require painting, add color pigments to the stucco mix before applying it.

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  1. Check the walls

    Stucco requires a good foundation for proper adhesion. Apply it directly to concrete or masonry walls, but wash the walls and make any required repairs before applying the material. Apply wire mesh over other materials to hold the stucco in place.

  2. Apply the scratch coats

    Use a garden hose to wet the underlying layer before applying the scratch coat. Apply a layer 3/8 of an inch thick to the surface using a trowel. After the material dries for several hours, use a trowel to scratch crossing ridges in the surface and allow 24 hours of drying time. Apply a second scratch coat, using the same method as for the first.

  3. Finish with a smooth layer

    Apply a top coat that is 1/8 of an inch thick over the second scratch coat. Finish smooth or create textures while the stucco is still wet and pliable. Keep the top coat wet, and allow it to dry slowly over several hours to prevent cracks and other imperfections. Once the stucco is dry, leave it natural or paint the desired color if you did not add pigments earlier.

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