What Is the Strongest Glue for Balsa Wood?

strongest-glue-balsa-wood Credit: Kenneth C. Zirkel/E+/Getty Images

Gorilla glue is the first choice for balsa wood projects, and it is recommended by Specialized Balsa Wood, LLC. The glue penetrates the wood as it dries, and the foamy consistency bonds joints firmly.

Elmer's wood glue is effective, inexpensive and readily available. A new type of woodworking glue is Titebond III Ultimate wood glue, recommended for its superior toughness and endurance. It is non-foamy and waterproof. Another excellent choice for balsa wood enthusiasts is UFO User-Friendly odorless glue. Although considered a "superglue," the drying time allows positioning before it sets. Alteco ST50 super glue dries in seconds, and it is a quick-fix solution for repairing broken pieces when time is of the essence.