How Do You Strip Paint From Wood?

How Do You Strip Paint From Wood?

Strip paint from wood by setting up your work area in a well-ventilated space, putting on old clothes, gloves and a face mask, and then applying a generous amount of chemical paint stripper to the wood with a paintbrush. Scrape the paint off with a metal scraper or steel wool.

  1. Set up your work area and gather supplies

    Choose a spot outdoors where weather elements won’t touch the wood. Lay down some newspaper if working in a garage or on a patio. Purchase the paint stripper of your choice along with a paintbrush, metal scraper or steel wool pad. A toothbrush is also an option instead of the scraper or steel wool.

  2. Get dressed for the occasion

    Put on some old clothes, gloves and a face mask to protect your lungs and skin from the chemical.

  3. Apply the stripper

    Dip your paintbrush into the paint stripper and apply generous amounts to the wood. Work the stripper into the wood instead of working in a painting motion. Allow the stripper to work on the paint and wait for it to soften.

  4. Scrape the paint

    Scrape the soft paint with the metal scraper, steel wool or toothbrush. If there are stubborn spots, repeat the chemical application process and then scrape the paint again once it is soft.