How Do You Strip Furniture?

How Do You Strip Furniture?

To strip furniture of stain or paint, apply a chemical stripper, and allow the item to sit as the stripper works. Remove the stain or paint that has pulled away from the wood with a metal scraper.

  1. Protect yourself

    Stay safe while stripping wood by using a respirator with new filters, chemical-proof gloves, goggles and an apron to protect your clothes. Wear these items during the entire stripping process to avoid long-term damage to eyes, lungs or skin. Always work in a well-ventilated environment such as a garage or outside.

  2. Apply stripper

    Different types of stripper are available, including spray-on and paint-on options. If you are using a paint-on stripper, only use a natural fiber brush, as stripper can eat away at synthetic brushes. Apply the stripper according to the label, and pay special attention to the amount of time needed to wait between applying the stripper and scraping off the paint. If you are using a spray-on stripper, protect the area around the item being stripped to avoid damage to the surrounding environment.

  3. Scrape off paint

    Use a metal scraper to remove large areas of paint. Plastic scrapers are not advised for stripping because chemicals can eat away at the plastic. Use steel wool to remove very stubborn areas of paint and toothpicks to get into tiny areas. Reapply and scrape as many times as needed to remove all the paint.