What Are Strip Doors and Strip Curtains?


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Strip doors are a covering for doorways made of strips of PVC, vinyl or plastic that are overlapped and hung from the top of the doorway. They are also referred to as strip curtains.

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Strip doors most frequently come on rolls of pre-cut strips that are then rolled out to cover doorways of varying sizes. Strips of 6 to 8 inches wide are generally used for companies that have less personnel traffic, while wider strips of 12 to 16 inches are used for large exterior doors with lots of traffic flow, such as loading docks. Strip doors and curtains are usually transparent to allow for visibility between workplaces, but they are available in a variety of colors.

Strip doors are frequently used in environments where personnel and machinery need to pass quickly from one area to another. Strip doors are often used in loading docks, shipping and receiving warehouses and industrial freezers. These kinds of environments require employees to move frequently from one area to another for loading and unloading purposes, and strip doors eliminate the need to repeatedly open and close doors, which allows for maximum traffic flow. Strip doors also regulate temperatures and keep debris from blowing from one work area to another.

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