Where Do Strawberries Grow?


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Strawberries grow in United States Department of Agriculture hardiness zones three through 10, which includes most of the contiguous United States, southern Alaska and the center of the largest Hawaiian island. Strawberries grow in many locations all over the world and in every state in the United States.

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The Fragaria virginiana grows native to North America. It was bred with Fragaria chiloensis native to Chile in order to produce the garden strawberry Fragaria x ananassa. This species grows well in the United States and has three different cultivars. The day-neutral cultivar only fruits in temperatures between 35 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Strawberries need plenty of sunlight, between six and 10 hours a day, and loamy, well-drained soil for optimal growing conditions. The soil should be at least neutral or slightly acidic with a pH from 5.5 to 7. When planting strawberries, a gardener needs to choose a location where the plants have plenty of room to grow, especially with the yearly runners they put out. A raised garden bed is optimal.

The gardener needs to plant the strawberry plants 20 inches apart, water them regularly and mulch the plants. She needs to pinch off the blossoms the first year in order to have a more successful harvest the following year.

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