What Are Some Strategies for Fox Removal?


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The Humane Society of the United States suggests several strategies for fox removal, including the use of old clothing, balloons, granular repellent and motion-activated devices. Loud noises and products designed to repel dogs can also discourage foxes from frequenting specific areas.

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What Are Some Strategies for Fox Removal?
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Because healthy foxes pose little threat to humans, the Humane Society encourages people to leave the animals alone. However, homeowners can chase away foxes that might harm pets or livestock with commercial repellents and motion-activated sprinklers. Items such as dirty or sweaty clothing, old shoes, urine-soaked cat litter and Mylar balloons placed near den openings can discourage foxes from returning, but homeowners should only use these methods when all kits have left the den. Anyone noticing sick foxes should report the animals to local wildlife rehabilitation groups or animal control.

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