What Are the Best Stove Cleaning Products?


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According to Good Housekeeping, Carbona Cooktop Cleaner, Easy-Off and EZ Bright are the best stove cleaners as of 2015. All of these cleaners are used for glass and ceramic stove tops.

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Carbona Glass-Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner received an A- from Good Housekeeping for its ability to clean burnt-on food, easy to rinse formula and clear directions. This is a liquid stove top cleaner that is safe for everyday use. It does not contain abrasives, and a little bit goes a long way.

Easy-Off received a B+ from the team at Good Housekeeping as it is great for cleaning burnt-on messes, and it is relatively easy to remove from the surface of the stove. This is a cream-based product that does not scratch or leave any residue. It can clean both electric and gas stoves, and it cleans all types of stove surfaces including glass, ceramic, stainless steel and enamel.

EZ Brite also received a B+ from Good Housekeeping, being good at removing food that has burnt on the surface of the stove. The directions on the packaging are easy to follow, and the product cleans up easily. This is a versatile product for stoves, and it is also suitable for countertops, stainless steel and other kitchen surfaces.

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