How Do You Find Stores That Sell TWP Deck Stain?


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The company's website, UseTWP.com, features a store finder that provides buyers with nearby stores that sell TWP's products. To find the closest retailer, customers enter a ZIP code and the preferred radius around it.

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Both paint and hardware stores sell TWP's products. TWP, which stands for Total Wood Preservative, manufactures both wood preservatives and protectants. The 100 series is a preservative and semi-transparent stain made for a variety of exterior wood uses, including decks, siding, fences and log homes. The 200 series protectant comes in seven colors and a clear formula, and it protects wood from water absorption and ultraviolet light, which minimizes cracking and warping of wood shakes and shingles.

The 300 series is also a protectant. With a furniture-like finish, it is formulated for outdoor furniture, picnic tables and playground equipment. The 300 series comes in eight colors and clear, producing a natural finish.

The 1500 series can be used in the same manner as the 100. As of 2015, because certain states have enacted restrictions on the level of volatile organic compound, or VOC, in wood preservatives, retailers in these states can no longer sell the 100 series. TWP formulated the 1500 series with a lower VOC to sell in all 50 states. However, in states where the 100 is legal to sell, most retailers do not stock the 1500 series. The 1500 series takes the place of TWP's original low VOC product, the 500 series.

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