What Are Some Stores That Sell Tube Sand?


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Stores that sell tube sand include Walmart, Home Depot and Tractor Supply Company, as of 2015. All of the available tubes are Quickrete, weigh 60 pounds and range in price from $4.45 to $7.77.

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Consumers typically use tube sand to give weight to tire traction when driving conditions are snowy. The tube goes on the wheel wells or in the bed or trunk of a vehicle to give additional weight. This weight gives the tires more grip. Since tube sand comes in a tube shape, it is easy to fit into small spaces and easy to move. This sand remains in a tube shape thanks to a poly bag, which is resistant to weather conditions and ultraviolet rays.

In addition to using tube sand to give a vehicle extra weight, consumers use it for gardening and sand bagging. Each 60-pound bag covers about 0.6 square feet and is suitable for vegetable gardens, as the silica in the bags are safe. For those wishing to surround a gardening patch with tubes, it is important to remember that gardening implements such as tillers may damage the bags. Quickrete offers other sand products as well, which may not be appropriate in these capacities.

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