What Are Some Stores That Sell Storage Racks for Vinyl Records?


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A range of storage racks for vinyl LPs is available from Boltz.com and Amazon.com. Boltz.com's range of vinyl storage includes individual stackable shelves and shelving units that sit on casters. Amazon.com features a wire stand with space for a turntable and several LPs, as well as stackable storage cubes and wall mounting options. Other companies that produce shelves, carts and cabinets for vinyl LPs include Atocha Design, Wax Rax and SYMBOL audio.

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The Record Stand from Atocha Design in New York has space for up to 300 LPs and is raised off the ground. It displays the records in a similar manner to the racks in music stores. Atocha Design's Record Cabinet features a flexible design with multiple drawer configurations to store records, CDs and DVDs together. Each drawer in the Record Cabinet holds approximately 95 LPs.

Wax Rax's aluminium RC-1 vinyl storage cart holds up to 300 LPs. It features four storage compartments on the top level and an extra layer of storage below. Each cart is made to order in Brooklyn. SYMBOL audio's AERO 51-inch record storage cabinet is also available in different shelving configurations. When used to store LPs, each of the two bins holds up to 120 records.

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