What Stores Sell Rival Crock Pot Parts?

What Stores Sell Rival Crock Pot Parts?

Replacement parts for Rival Crock-Pot can be purchased directly from Rival's website. Stores such as Amazon.com and Sears also have a small selection of replacement lids and stoneware designed to fit Rival Crock-Pots.

Some of the replacement parts listed on sites like Amazon are manufactured by Rival, while others are after-market products made by other companies and designed to fit Rival Crock-Pots.

On the company's official website, Rival lists replacement parts for more than 100 different models of Crock-Pots. Rival only offers replacement lids for many of the models, although a variety of parts are available for other models. Customers can purchase replacement stoneware, a lid or travel bag for the SCRMTD307-DK Crock-Pot Little Triple Dipper Warmer.

When purchasing replacement parts for a Rival Crock-Pot, it's important to check the model number of the product as the replacement lids and other parts are typically designed to fit one specific model. Both the products made by Rival and other companies usually list the exact model the part was designed to fit.

Rival Crock-Pots are available in a wide variety of different colors, styles and sizes ranging from under 20 ounces to 7 quarts. Some of the models come with digital controls, while others come with more simple manual controls.