What Stores Sell Reznor Unit Heater Parts?


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As of 2015, a variety of online specialty parts stores, including Keith Specialty Store, Parts4Heating.com and James' A/C Co, sell Reznor unit heater parts. In addition to Reznor heater parts, these stores sell parts for heaters from other brands.

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Keith Specialty Store sells Reznor heater parts that include gear motors, blower shafts, block bearing, pressure switches and natural gas spark kit. Each spare part includes information as to which Reznor heater model it is compatible with as well as the store's selling price.

Parts4Heating.com claims to be a master parts distributor for Reznor heaters. Its listed parts include a pilot assembly kit, flame sensor, fan control assembly, venter wheel and flame rod sensors. Customers can also view parts specific to the Reznor heater models, such as LDAP, OB or UDAP heaters.

James' A/C Co. lists the replacement parts for the Reznor unit heaters and includes various information regarding the spare part's model number and its description. Information listed on this description typically includes its size, its function and the model of heater that it is compatible with. Though James' A/C Co. lists available parts on its website, it requires orders to be submitted by fax, phone or email, as of July 2015.

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